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Ways to reward and motivate your staff

With Christmas just around the corner, you may be thinking about bonuses or other ways to thank your staff for work well done during the year. While gift wrapped bottles of wine, chocolates or food hampers are appreciated, why not get a bit creative and show you have put some effort into it.

Some suggestions include:

  • A dining voucher - There is a vast array of new bars and eateries in Christchurch
  • An experience voucher such as para-punting or paddle boarding. If the employee has children, then consider a voucher for Orana Park, Willowbank, Clip and Climb or the Gondola. Beauty salons also do vouchers for services such as facials and therapeutic massages
  • A voucher for a house spring clean, carpet clean or gardening/lawn mowing
  • Hamper – rather than just your stock standard cheeses, chutneys and Christmas pud, why not opt for one with themed items. For example; all red items, kitchen items, gardening tools/packets of seeds or small herb plants
  • Take a hobby the employee is interested in and pick a store voucher for that. For example; a golfing shop, kitchen shop, art supplies store, outdoors or surf shop
  • Most Kiwi’s spend a lot of time outside having barbies over summer. There are some delightful outside fairy lights and lanterns available. Add in some barbie tools, a groovy apron and some citronella candles. All you need now is your meat pack!

What about the rest of the year? Here’s some more ideas:

  • Day off pass - Give your employees a paid day off on their birthday or celebrate their birthdays with cake
  • A subscription to any magazine of their choice. Every time the gift shows up monthly or weekly all year around, it reminds them of your appreciation
  • Flowers - Yes it’s an oldie but a goodie and always best when they come unexpected
  • Close early one day and give everyone the afternoon off or let them start late
  • Special projects - Give your employees the chance to work on special projects beyond their work responsibilities
  • Open house - If your employees have young children, host an open day where they can bring their kids in so they can see where mummy or daddy work

For more ideas on rewarding and motivating your staff, contact Ryan today.