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The Secrets to Crafting a Stand-out Profile and CV

LinkedIn is now one of the greatest tools a job seeker has. The popularity of this platform is evidenced by the current 433 million registered LinkedIn users. In fact, it is estimated that two new members join LinkedIn every second.

With so many people on LinkedIn, you may be wondering how to make the most of LinkedIn in your quest to get a job. Here are our top tips to improve your profile, make it stand out from the crowd, and land the job.

1. Be Seen

What was once an old idiom is now a useful piece of advice for job seekers. The expression ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is undoubtedly accurate when it comes to the importance of a LinkedIn profile picture. It has been found that profiles with a profile picture are 14 times more likely to be viewed.

2. Be Seen… as a Professional

A great photo can communicate a lot of information about a person. Characteristics such as their level of charisma, energy, and professionalism are often judged from the image they choose to represent themselves.

When choosing your own LinkedIn profile image, take the time to think about what the image tells potential employers about you. Whilst LinkedIn is technically a social media site, your selfies and vacation photos do not belong. It is extremely important for job seekers to choose a strong, friendly, and professional image to represent themselves with.

3. Think about your Headline

After your profile picture, your LinkedIn headline is the next thing that people will see. To help stand out from other job seekers, a little creativity and strategic thinking can help tremendously.

Your headline should be interesting and memorable. But remember you only have 120 characters to write what makes you unique. Think of this as your elevator pitch, only much shorter.

4. Fill it out… Yes all of it.

It helps to think about your LinkedIn page as not just a social media account but as an extension of your CV that will help you in your job search.

In the same way that your CV should not just be a list of previous jobs, your LinkedIn profile is also not just your name and job title. It is a place to highlight your career achievements. When you have an incomplete profile, this will only make it harder for potential employers to decide whether you are right for the job.

5. Show your skills

What potential employers want to know is what your skills are and are you right for their role. Your LinkedIn profile should be a place to show off your career achievements and those valuable skills that make you a great employee. Make sure you include information about what you have achieved in your roles throughout your career.

Use these tips and you will have a much better chance of standing out online.