Ryan Recruitment Article

The changing face of recruitment.

Disruptions to the recruitment industry are happening as a result of multiple technological catalysts. As the recruitment experience happens online more and more, we’re going to take a look at how this might impact your employee seeking processes.

Evaluating each other
Candidates are now scrutinising us as much as we are vetting them. Online searches, and poring over a company’s Google returns mean that potential employees stop before they even reach out for an initial interview. For example, the candidate’s experience when using your website has to be a positive one. Your values need to reflect theirs. Your company culture has to align with what they are looking for. If not, you may miss converting a great future leader of your business. 

Answers now, please
The age of faxing cover letters, and waiting for a response is over. These days candidates want feedback immediately and need to know where they stand with each round of the selection process. Suitable candidates will often have more than one opportunity on the go, at any one time. If you snooze, you may lose that connection as they choose to go with another more ‘on to it’ business.

Experience is everything
We’re not talking about previous job experience. But instead, the candidate’s experience as they apply for work with your company. Similar to the online User Experience (UX) they’d expect from a consumer-facing organisation, potential employees now demand it of workplaces. Are the employee forms easy to fill out? Are the communications personalised? If this process is not carefully curated, candidates will leave the conversion funnel in favour of another more ‘human’ option. 

At Ryan Recruitment, we are always working to improve our candidate connection experience. We have learnt many things, and are always more than happy to pass this new knowledge on to our clients.