Man Thinks

Matching your skills to a new role.

It’s really frustrating for people when they get to an interview, and realise that the job they are applying for isn’t a great match for their skills. Or when they get to the crunch, they aren’t able to list their skills confidently, and risk botching the interview.

Here are three key things to consider when matching your skills to a prospective role.

1. Read the job description thoroughly.

It seems obvious but this is really important. Dig into the detail and make sure your skill set matches (or is a close match for) the role you are going for. Grab a highlighter pen, and go through the text. This way you’ll have a clear list of the attributes they are looking for.

2. Think about it from the employer’s point of view.

This relates to you writing up your CV. Take a moment to look at their website. Pay attention to the type of language they use in the job description. A good way to show you will be a good fit is to use language that resembles their own. Look at the skills they value the most, and use this to prioritise your skills when you write up your CV.

3. Give them some evidence.

It’s one thing to say you have skills. It’s even better to show them evidence that you have these skills and have used them well. Your past work history and testimonials should be listed to show you’re the best match for this particular role.

Don’t be afraid to shoot for the stars either. If you miss, this practice might mean you could land your dream job on the moon!