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How to choose the right employer for you

How satisfied are you with your current job? Do you jump out of bed when that alarm clock beeps, eager to get to work? Is your current workplace culture in line with your values and aspirations?

If you feel like a square peg in a round hole, some self – reflection around the type of company and employer that’s right for you may be just what you need.

According to, people who smartly choose their workplace culture are rewarded with more on-the-job engagement, increased productivity and better wellbeing and satisfaction.

Make sure you keep these nine points in mind to choose the right employer for you.

  1. Workplace environment: Is the company central city based? Will you be working at various sites? Is the work home based? Knowing the kind of environments you work better in will make your work more enjoyable.
  2. Management: Will you be working as part of a big or small team? How do employees report into the management? Do you work better in a smaller team where you feel more confident to speak up? Do you need strong leadership and structure to ensure good work performance? By understanding the team and management culture, you’ll identify the team and management environment that works best for you.
  3. Passion and interest: Does the industry light your fire? If you don’t like the job or industry you work in, you’ll find it hard to stay positive and motivated. Being passionate about what you do will drive you to improve your skills and uncover new talents.
  4. Flexibility: Do you have school pick-ups to consider? Do you need capacity to work from home? If you have on-going family and lifestyle commitments, you’ll do better in workplaces that are open to accommodating flexible working arrangements.
  5. Job Structure: Do you require a lot of supervision or prefer more autonomy? Are you empowered to make decisions yourself or does everything need to be signed off? Creative thinkers or people who prefer autonomy often find rigid and structured work environments counter-productive.
  6. Public perception of the company? Is it a reputable company? Will it look good on your CV? Has the company been in the media recently for unfair practices or other negative PR? What do clients say about the business? A good employer with a good culture will practice it in all areas of the business.
  7. Workplace Culture: What is the dress code? Are you required to wear corporate attire? Are there Friday work drinks? Are employees regularly expected to work after hours and weekends? Understanding this will help you find a workplace culture that is congruent with your family and outside commitments.
  8. Values: Do the company/brand values mirror your own? Perhaps you are used to working for a charity or not-for profit organisation and now you find yourself pre-occupied with making a profit for a commercial entity. Alignment of your personal and professional values could make for smoother work satisfaction.
  9. Co-Worker Relationships: Do you want to leave work at the door when you leave or do you want to socialise with your colleagues after hours? We often spend more time with our work colleagues than we do with our own partners and families. Having colleagues you like and respect can make work a lot more enjoyable.

As you interview for your next job, it’s critical you get a good sense about your potential employer’s culture. Carefully considering the nine points above will ensure you smartly choose the right employer and create better job, work and career satisfaction for you.