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4 Things You Should Remove From Your CV Today

1. Your Lies

We have all heard the expression, “everyone lies on their CV” from somebody. Don’t do it. With the internet, everything can be googled and checked. Lying is absolutely not tolerated in the professional setting and if you are caught in a lie, no matter how small, it will be interpreted as a lack of personal ethics. You will not be hired if you appear untrustworthy.

2. Hobbies

There was a time when it was common practice to include your hobbies on a CV. These helped you look like a real person instead of an application number. However the practice is becoming outdated.

Your love of reading, scuba diving, and water polo is not relevant professionally so it should not be included in your CV. Don’t waste valuable space on the page talking about things that just aren’t relevant to the role.

3. Your Spelling errors

When you are writing a CV, there are no excuses for spelling mistakes. These can signal to potential employers that you have poor attention to detail.

Using spellcheck and proofreading your CV is an important step to take before sending it out. You can reduce the chance of making mistakes by taking your time with writing your CV - never leave it until the last minute.

4. Your Buzz Words

There are certain words that have become so overused that they no longer have any real impact on a CV. These are words like motivated, passionate, creative, driven, extensive experience, responsible, strategic, track record, organisational and expert. Instead of saying how passionate you are, you should use your CV to demonstrate it.