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10 ways to be a better manager

Getting the most out of your employees is often front of mind to maximise job performance and ultimately the bottom line. By providing and nurturing an environment that your employees feel motivated and comfortable in, you’ll also encourage good staff morale.

Below are some quick tips to help you become a better manager.

  1. Appreciate your staff for the job they are doing and what they have achieved, particularly anything done that’s beyond the call of duty
  2. Understand when your staff need your help and when they don’t. Let them get on with it when they don’t need your help
  3. Respect and connect with the individual motivations of your people
  4. Be gracious with praise and focus on the positive (rather than the negative)
  5. Set reasonable objectives and workloads. These should be a stretch so people feel challenged but not so much that they believe it is unattainable
  6. Communicate well to provide staff with clear direction and expectations. Being proactive about and open to communication will improve not only how you lead, but also how you're received by your team
  7. Provide a level of autonomy. When bosses micromanage, it shows a complete lack of trust in their employees to do their jobs effectively and confidently. By giving employees more autonomy, you’ll give them a sense of ownership in their work
  8. Lead instead of manage. ‘Model’ the work ethic, performance and attitude you ask of your team. Inspire them with your actions not just your words or commands
  9. Pick your battles. You can't and shouldn't fight every issue. Direct your own attention and efforts to where you will have most impact
  10. Invite others to solve problems. Involve team members for their perspective and ideas. Take a collaborative approach to achieve the end result

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