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Your offsite, online HR department

Ryan utilises specialist expertise, market knowledge and our network of connections from partnering with Canterbury businesses over three decades to drive successful outcomes.

Our specialists offer many highly effective recruitment services:

  • HR strategy

    Aligned with your business vision, goals and values to encourage staff commitment to your business direction and positive communication between everyone in your organisation.

  • HR recruitment

    To help you select and engage the right people; ensure their remuneration is fair; ensure contractual obligations are met and support their smooth transition into your organisation.

  • Performance management and career development

    Specialist advice to ensure your employees are engaged and achieving results.

  • Employee relations

    Helping you engage and interact with your staff, develop a satisfied, productive and motivated workforce and prevent and resolve potential people issues in the workplace.

  • Change

    Helping you, your staff and your organisation deal with change through growth, restructuring, or downsizing, and providing outplacement advice and support.

How would you like to work with us?

  • On a retainer basis

    We help you develop, manage and implement your HR solution so you can focus on other core business activities.

  • On a project basis

    We work with you on a project basis or assist as a seamless extension of your management team.

  • HR helpdesk

    You access all the advice and help you need, as and when you need it.

Let’s really look after your people. Let’s talk success.

  • Find the right people

    We see our service as an extension of your business. We work in partnership with you. Helping you to grow your business and achieve your long term strategic goals.