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Get A New Job With A Great CV!


Your CV is like a personal ad. It’s selling you to potential employers so you get through the door for an interview. It should show who you are, what you can do and why you’re the best candidate for the role.

There is no golden rule for the perfect CV. They should reflect who you are and therefore will be unique to you. However there are some key things you must know about when writing or revamping your CV.

1. Make an impression

You have just seconds to make an impression on an employer. Your CV should be well organised, clearly set out and easy to read to entice them to read further

2. Get personal
Make it apparent and
easy to see how your experience and skills make you the right person for the role with a short personal statement. Don’t forget to reflect this again in your cover letter

3. Customise

Consider what kind of role are you looking for? If you have an advertisement or job description to work from, reflect the language and wording they used in your CV

4. Keep it simple
Avoid long sentences that bulk the page if you can bullet point it instead. Employers don’t want to read a novel. Keep your CV short and relevant by focusing on key topics. Leave all the broad details for the interview

5. Keep it relevant
Keep your CV as up-to-date as possible, even if you’re not actively applying for roles. That way, when something comes up, you won’t forget anything important

6. Describe your achievements
Focus on what you achieved in your previous roles rather than listing tasks. Bullet point three or four achievements or examples of situations where you went the extra mile, solved a problem, or contributed to successful projects

7. Highlight your skills in context

Provide evidence or context to back up your skills. Don’t just say you’re adaptable or a team player. Explain how or why that’s true. Anyone can create a list of desirable skills. So stand out and prove it!

8. Be creative

Depending on the role and industry, show off your skills and personality by using some aesthetic creatively in how you present the content of your CV. Keep it clean, concise and professional. Utilise white space, define headings but always stick to simple tidy fonts. You still want them to be able to read it!

9. Check, check and check again
Spelling and grammar mistakes can really let you down. Show your attention to detail by providing an error-free application.

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