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5 Things You Should Remove From Your CV Today

One of the greatest tools in a job seekerís arsenal is a professional and well written resume. However, a poorly crafted resume can destroy any chance of landing a job.
On average, an employer will spend less than 10 seconds looking at your resume. To ensure it does not end up in the trash, remove these 5 sometimes overlooked things.

The Secrets to Crafting a Stand-out Profile and CV

Who could have predicted that an online social media account would be so important in your job search?

Avoiding Workplace Skill Shortages through Professional Development

Due to New Zealandís aging population, a vast amount of skills, knowledge, and experience will be lost when employees retire. Discover how professional development can solve this problem.

July Temps of the Month!

Another month down and two more Prezzy cards have gone out! Congrats to our Temps of the month Donna Watson and Sharn MacDwyer for all their hard work!

Training in the Digital Age

If you have been watching the news, you may have noticed a significant change in New Zealand's education and training system. Training now comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and is increasingly available with the click of a mouse through online or internet-based learning.

The essential skills you need to upskill

Are you looking to up-skill? You'll be surprised to learn what type of skills employers are looking for in candidates today.

Our top tips for studying

You've decided to invest in yourself, but we all know studying can be a challenge. Learn how you can get the most out of your upskilling efforts as well as top tips for creating the ideal study space.

Temps of the month announced

Congratulations to our May Temps of the Month Harriet Ledger and William McCreedy who have shown hard work and dedication in their respective assignments. Our industrial consultant Gabby Rush had the honour of presenting William with his card last week. Thanks guys, are proud to have you both on our temp team!

Answering 'do you have any questions?'

A common mistake is thinking you can just "wing" interviews. The truth is nothing beats preparation. Put your best foot forward and leave a lasting impression by answering this final interview question confidently.

Don't get caught unprepared. Review our tips for answering all those tricky questions...

Dress for Interview Success

Look good, feel good; or so the saying goes. The right attire can make you feel confident and give you the edge in presenting yourself as the right candidate for the job.

Find out how to dress for success with these eight top tips...

March temps of the month announced

Congratulations to Sinead Judd and Sam Bell, who were our Temps of the Month for March. Ryan Consultant Kelly Adamson enjoyed presenting Sinead with her Prezzy Card. Sinead and Sam displayed excellent commitment and work performance to their respective assignments. Thank you guys. We love having you on the Ryan temp team!

Build up your business's best asset: Your People

As entrepreneur Richard Branson once said: "Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients."

Attract top talent by knowing your purpose

Does anyone care who you are as a company, or why you do what you do? The simple answer is yes! Find out how your purpose can attract top talent that will take your business to the next level.

January 'temps of the month' announced

Congratulations to our top temps for January - Sophie Jaine & Anthony Vea who worked exceptionally hard in their respective roles. Enjoy redeeming your Prezzy Cards!

What makes a good leader in today's world?

The Italian philosopher and political strategist Machiavelli famously wrote '[People] are driven by two principal impulses, either by love or by fear.' The best leaders succeed by understanding both.

The power of praise

Whether you lead a small or large team, genuinely praising your staff can have a significant impact on their performance, motivation and productivity.

Answering "what are your weaknesses?"

Ever been asked the question "what are your biggest weakness?" Be prepared for your next interview with our top three tips...

How to choose the right employer for you

Reap the rewards of increased job engagement, productivity and satisfaction by choosing the right employer for you ...

A resolution to make

New Year resolutions are often tricky to keep but here is one that's worth making...

Christchurch hot spots

Rather than going out to the same old-same old haunts this summer, why not try somewhere new?

Wellbeing tips to keep you healthy over Christmas

Survive the holiday party season and stay healthy over Christmas with these tips ...

Christmas office hours

Ryan will close at Midday on Thursday 22nd December and re-open 8am, 9 January 2017. If you have any enquiries over the break period, please call the main number 03 365 0294 (this will be diverted to an after-hours number).

Ways to reward and motivate your staff

With Christmas just around the corner, you may be thinking about bonuses or other ways to thank your staff for work well done during the year.

10 ways to be a better manager

Are you looking for ways to be a better manager? These 10 tips will help you reach your 'best' manager potential?

August 'temps of the month' announced

Matt had the honour of delivering a Prezzy Card to Erin-Kate Brown, one of our temps of the month for August. Jarred McKeown also picked up a Prezzy Card for his outstanding work in August. Thanks Erin-Kate & Jarred for the awesome contribution to Ryan, and to our clients, and enjoy redeeming your Prezzy Cards!

Beat the winter blues with these hot spots

The new winter menus at these hotspots are guaranteed to tempt and delight your taste buds.

Teamwork - Bridging the Generation Gap

Valuing the key characteristics each generation brings to your workforce will help you better understand your team. But what do you do to get the best out of your multi-generational team?

Teamwork in the modern work environment

When you have a multi-generational workforce, how do you keep everyone happy, engaged and working together?

July 'temps of the month' announced

Ryan Industrial Consultant Steve Deans on the job delivering a Prezzy card to Kurt Navarro, one of our temps of the month for July. Congratulations to Kurt and also to Zak Abdullah. They each made an awesome contribution to Ryan, and to our clients, while working in their respective assignments.

Christchurch hotspots for sharing

We all love food but it's even better when you can share it. These Christchurch hotspots have great shared plate and tapas menus for you to go out and try.

How to answer "Give an example of a time where you used initiative."

Ever been asked to give an example of a time where you showed initiative and couldn't think of an answer? Answer this tricky interview question with these tips.

Be happier and more successful with the right team

Same goal, same results, right? Not quite. Every team has their own culture and shared set of values that drives them forward as a collective group. That's why it's important to consider team culture in your job hunt.

Your secret to success; how Ryan can help you find the best people

Recruitment is a specialist skill. Just as you might call on the expertise of a lawyer or accountant, Ryan will provide you with the expertise, commitment and connections when you are in the market for a new employee. So how do we find the best people? Here's how:

How to find the best candidate for your team

To achieve the dream of Olympic gold, teams like the NZ Football Ferns must trust one another to put the needs of the team first.

Temps of the Month

Congratulations to Fiona Lapworth and Kelly Hird, who were our top temps for April. Both temps have made an awesome contribution to Ryan, and to our clients, while working in their respective assignments. Good job guys. Enjoy redeeming your Prezzy Cards!

9 gold tips for getting the most out of your performance review

By getting the most out of your performance review, you can assess how you're performing, where you could improve and how you need to develop to reach your career goals. Here are 9 gold tips to help you do just that.

How to answer 'Why did you leave your last job?'

What jumps to mind when you're asked why you are leaving your current role? Do you have a great answer prepared that redirects the focus back to your skills and ambitions?

How to give performance appraisals like a pro

A well-run performance appraisal process will help you develop your people so they become your firm's most important assets. John discusses his five tips for getting the best from your performance appraisal process.

4 tips for less stressful performance appraisals

The annual performance review can be daunting for an employee, no matter how they feel the year has gone. John shares his ideas on how you can ease the pressure so the review is a positive experience for you and your employee.

Temps of the Month

Congratulations to Rebecca Xiao and Tegan Candy, who were our top temps for March! Both temps have made an awesome contribution to Ryan, and to our clients, while working in their respective assignments.

Top tips to deal with tricky interview questions

Ever been asked where you want to be in three, five or ten years? If you don't have a ready answer, this question can really stump you in an interview.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

Get your career a Gold Medal

What do you want from your career? Setting goals like an Olympian will give you the focus and direction to get you there.

Learn how to set goals like an Olympian.

Temps of the Month

Congratulations to Josephine Dransfield and Teresa Walker, who were our top temps for February! Both temps have made an awesome contribution to Ryan, and to our clients, while working in their respective assignments.

The SMART way to successfully achieving your goals

As discussed in our creating a motivated and successful team though goal setting blog, developing goals is indispensable for creating an environment where employees can succeed and feel like winners.

Create a motivated and successful team through goal setting

Do your employees know which way they are going? Are they using their time as effectively as they could? Do they feel they are contributing towards helping the organisation achieve its objectives?

Answering Those Tricky Questions

Savvy managers can discern quite a bit of information about you by asking a few, well-chosen questions. But while the questions might seem simple, they can actually be designed to get you to reveal information you may not have otherwise. In other words: they're trick questions.

Land Your Next Job With These Key Interview Tips

To take a lesson from the Boy Scouts - always be prepared - especially when you're heading into a job interview ...

Summer Events Around Christchurch

Keep the feeling of the summer holidays going by filling your weekends with some of the great (mostly free) entertainment and events going on over the next few months. It's not long until we get another long weekend either! Waitangi Day is being observed on Monday 8th February.

Team Building That Actually Builds Teams

The New Year can be a good opportunity to refresh, to look forward and reassess goals. In our 'creating a fun and motivating environment at work' blog we talk about how humour and fun at work can create a positive staff culture but another aspect is how your team work together to achieve projects and goals.

Creating A Fun And Motivating Environment At Work

There are many ways to improve productivity, and a large number depend on the individual. You could have everything right; a tidy workspace, a comfortable room temperature, your inbox under control, a healthy diet and good exercise habits but how does the company culture and staff relationships affect productivity?

Christchurch Hot Spots ...

To Enjoy Over The Holiday Season

Christmas Office Hours

Ryan will close at Midday on 23 December 2015 and re-open 8am, 11 January 2016. If you have any enquiries over the break period, please call the main number 03 365 0294 (this will be diverted to an after-hours number).

Tis The Season For Giving

As we head into the silly season, it's easy to get caught up in all the social celebrations, shopping and decorating. But there are families in our community who aren't as excited about the holidays as the financial pressure causes a lot of stress.

Get A New Job With A Great CV!

Looking for a new job in 2016? To get that all important job interview, you need a great CV. Our 9 'must-know' tips cover the essentials that should be present in your CV so you get noticed.

November Temps Of The Month Announced

A big congratulations goes out to Geatan Letanneur & Eilidh Pennycook, who have both received Prezzy Cards for their hard work in November.

Introducing Hamish Scarlett

Hamish is energetic, affable and thrives on a challenge. His strength is in building strong relationships and he loves helping both candidates and organisations grow their future scope and potential.

5 Reasons Why Hiring Temp Staff Drives Business Success

Effectively managing staff absences and temporary recruitment, while sustaining business growth, is a stress that managers and business owners usually prefer to avoid. However, no business can afford to be without a fully functioning team for long before the consequences of an incomplete team quickly become a problem.

Top Temps

Congratulations to Xioa Peng and Antonio Morote, who are our Temps of the Month for their outstanding work in September.

Thank you both for your hard work. We hope you enjoy spending your $50 Prezzy Card!

6 Reasons Why Temp Work is a Smart Move

With more New Zealanders seeking work-life balance through flexible working arrangements, there is a big demand for good temporary workers. Temp work can be a truly rewarding experience. These 6 reasons explain why.

Introducing Kelly Adamson

Kelly Adamson - Business Support Temporary Consultant, is the perfect fit for the fast pace of her role. She is here to look after all your temporary office and business support needs.

12 Ways To Reward Good People Without Money

Having an effective reward programme can go a long way toward getting your staff engaged in the business. Here are 12 ways you can reward and recognise good work without money.

Smart Ways To Engage Your Staff

Wondering how to get your employees as engaged in the business and its success as you are? Try these smart ways to get your people inspired, productive and happy in their work.

August Temps Of The Month

Our August Temps of the Month have been announced.

Christchurch Hotspots You Will Love

The Christchurch food and bar scene is alive and well, with lots of options all around the city. From alfresco dining, Mexi-style partying and rooftop bar, these 3 hotspots each offer something different.

Find A Job You Love With These 5 Tips

You spend a lot of your life working. So if you want to work at something that you feel passionate about, it is not just a question of finding any job. It is about finding the right job for you.

Guess What?

Guess what? Our Temps of the Month have been announced! We would like to recognise Deborah Ryan and Simon Quinn for their outstanding work in their respective assignments for the month of July. Thank you both for your hard work. We hope you enjoy spending your $50 Prezzy Card!

9 Staff Retention Strategies That Work

It is people that really make the difference within your organisation. They define your business and its future. But increased competition for top talent means good people are hard to find and even harder to keep.

5 Top Business Smartphone Apps

It is forecast that 8/10 adults in NZ will be using smartphones by September 2015. While it is the norm to use your smartphone for calls, texts and email, it is the apps you download that can turn it into an awesome business and personal tool.

6 MS Office Shortcuts You'll Love

Do you use Microsoft Office? These handy tips from Debbie Mayo-Smith of SuccessIS, will help you get super-productive, super-quick!

A Night At The Rugby

Pizza before the Rugby .... A perfect combination. They Ryan team enjoyed a night at the Rugby watching the All Blacks defeat Argentina.

Happy Candidate

A lovely surprise for Kelly - Beautiful flowers from Claire, a happy temp who has started in a permanent role.

Our New Trucks

Decked out in our refreshed brand and company look, our new Ryan trucks and Corollas are out on the road. Have you spotted one yet?

Congratulations To ...

Congratulations to John & Trisha who are our Temps' of the Month for April. John & Trisha have received a $50 Prezzy Card in recognition of their outstanding work for their respective assignments.

Volleyballl Star

Jake Darling, one of our industrial consultants, has been selected to play for the New Zealand Men's Volleyball Team.

Congratulations Jake, the team will enjoy cheering you on.

Ryan Recruitment Refer A Friend

Refer your friends today and you could earn a $200 shopping spree*

First Impressions In Job Interviews - Make Yours Count.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Use these simple tips to make a great first impression in your next job interview.

Jobs Growing But Wage Rises Still Modest

Jobs are growing at a robust pace so far this year, but the unemployment rate may not come down much, if at all, economists say.

Let's Talk Success - Join Our Team

With our business continuing to escalate, we now have a need for an experienced and passionate Recruitment Consultant to join our industrial team.

Temps Of The Month

We are thrilled to recognise Amy Rosvall and Brian Hartley as our Temps of the Month for March Ė congratulations! Enjoy spending your $50 Prezzy Cards which are on their way!

Ryan Soup Roster

Soup is back on the menu at the Ryan offices! This week, the team were treated to pumpkin and parsnip soup compliments of Julie and Kelly. If anyone has a good recipe they would like to share, please do! We would love put it on the menu for our next cook up.

Welcome To Our New Recruitment Consultant

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Denise Kennedy who has joined the Ryan team as a Recruitment Consultant.

Like Our New Look?

Our fantastic new logo, byline and refreshed company look are the tools that are going to help us deliver our communications into 2015 and beyond.

Welcome Back

Welcome back. The Ryan team are here to help make your year successful. If this is the year for a career change or if you are looking for work in Christchurch then contact us today.

Temps Of The Month

We would like to congratulate Jonathan Lee & Adam Taylor who were the Ryan Temps of the Month for October. Enjoy your cashing in your Prezzy Cards this long weekend!

Ryan Temps Of The Month - September

Big congratulations to Gurdeep Dhaliwal and Lesley Te Maiharoa-Sykes who are our Ryan Temps of the Month for September! Enjoy using your Prezzy cards!

The Ryan Team Goes Pink

The Ryan team goes pink for a day to support Breast Cancer Month.

Ryan Temps of the Month - August

A big congratulations to our August temps of the month Demi Lesatele & Carly York who have each won a $50 Prezzy Card. Enjoy!

Job Prospects Up

For the first time since the global recession hit, it is now easier to find a job in New Zealand than in Australia.

Ryan Temps Of The Month - July

Congratulations to Claire Williams and Micheal Murray who are our July temps of the month. We hope you enjoy spending your $50 Prezzy Cards!

Ryan June Temps Of The Month

Congratulations to Mark Entwisle and Claire McCartan who are our temps of the Month. Mark and Claire have both won a $50 Prezzy Card.

Mastering the Body Language of a Video Interview

Body language is not only important when youíre sitting across the desk from your interviewer, but also when the employer resides on the other side of the webcam. Currently six out of 10 employers are utilizing video interviews in the hiring process, either to connect live or to pose questions for job seekers to answer on video.

How To Ask An Employee For More Medical Information?

The team from Employers Assistance provide legal insight into how HR can handle prolonged sick leave and requests for further information. * Article sourced via http://www.hrmonline.co.nz/

Ryan Soup Roster

Every fortnight the team at Ryan have been busy whipping up their favourite soup for everyone to enjoy.

North Or South: Which Island Has The Most Generous Bosses?

If youíre looking for a pay rise you may be more likely to receive it if you work in the South Island. According to the latest Grant Thorntonís International Business Report South Island bosses are both more generous and optimistic than their North Island counterparts.

Ryan Recruitment Temp Team

A very warm welcome to our Ryan temp team from Argentina. They have been out working in labouring, civil construction and logistics jobs across Christchurch.

Tax Payment Changes May Hurt

Inland Revenue has released its draft guidelines on when it will treat a tax payment as having been received on time.

The proposals will change the current practice and will potentially catch taxpayers unaware, leading to late tax payments and penalties.

Performance Appraisals

Performance appraisals can often get put to the bottom of the list. John Eatwell our HR Specialist shares some great tips.

Guess How Many Eggs Are In The Jar

Can you guess how many Cadbury Caramello Easter Eggs are in this Jar? Guess the correct amount & they are all yours! http://ow.ly/i/5bSjW

Temps Of The Quarter

A big congratulations to Trent Ilton our Industrial Temp of the Quarter and Mui Fen Lim our Business Support Temp of the Quarter who have both WON $150 Prezzy Cards! Happy shopping Trent & Mui!

8 Tips For Navigating References

Julie recently contributed to an article on www.insider.seek.co.nz on how to use references on your CV.

"Job hunting season is now open, if you want the best chance possible then remember that references are hugely important,Ē says Julie Sutton, recruitment manager at Ryan Recruitment.

Your Company's Core Values Should Drive Your Choice Of Staff

Are you looking for a new job? Do you want to join a "professional" family where both your personality and skill are valued?

If you are an employer, are you still looking to get the right people on the bus and get them sitting in the right seats?

Land The Job At The Company You Want

"If you're dead-set on working at a specific company, then 95 percent of your job-search time and effort should be dedicated to wooing that company and demonstrating to them that you're not only the best candidate for the job, but that you're destined to work there and nowhere else," says Joseph Terach, CEO of Resume Deli.

Engaging Millennial Employees

Itís a generation thatís been simultaneously pegged both as Ďlazy narcissistsí and Ďpowerful changemakersí. But whatever you choose to believe about Millennials, most of us would agree that Gen Y is shaking things up. Hyperconnected, socially-conscious and highly independent, Millennials are demanding more from the brands they support and the companies they work for. They support brands that support the causes they care about and, ultimately, they want a meaningful job that makes a positive impact in the world.

Women Lead In Job Recovery

Women and young adults have made a strong come-back in the workforce in 2013, with Canterbury's unemployment rate at its lowest level in six years.

The Household Labour Force Survey (HLFS) for the December quarter shows the unemployment rate for the region has plunged to 3.4 per cent, well below last quarter's 4.2 per cent, and a 26 per cent fall from last year's 4.9 per cent.

Ryan Team BBQ

Making the most of the Canterbury summer the Ryan team too some time out of the office to enjoy a team BBQ.

Why Canít We Stop Working?

How do we strike a balance, particularly when work itself can be so gratifying?

Facebook Isn't Actually A Good Way To Judge Potential Employees

Back in 2012, we learned that Facebook stalking would tell you if a person was worth hiring. Researchers at Northern Illinois University found that they could predict job performance based on just 5-10 minute reviews of college studentsí

Unplug For The Holidays

Nothing beats the simple pleasure of the holiday season, when you can enjoy cozy days with loved ones, removed from the usual pressures of your work or school life.

The Rise Of The Socially Connected Worker

Social media always wrong-foots the enterprise. Itís the social thing. Or itís the connectivity thing.

Itís because it can be personal and therefore that intuitively makes it counterproductive. Or itís because the ROI is hard to quantify and that makes it intuitively suspect.

Or just because itís the new shiny, which simply makes it wrong.

So when study after study come out, showing that social media at work is costing businesses millions of dollars in lost productivity, the sage heads of HR nod approvingly and management consults IT on how social-media usage can be restricted within enterprise walls.

Staffing Over The Xmas Break

Employees are entitled to a paid day off on a public holiday if it would otherwise be a working day. These public holidays are separate from and additional to annual holidays.

Workplaces To Receive Safety Ratings

ACC Minister Judith Collins has announced plans by ACC and Worksafe New Zealand to establish a voluntary scheme that rates businessesí workplace safety in an attempt to ďimprove long-lasting safety cultureĒ.

How to Keep Your Employees Happy

Find out what it is your Employees want and how to keep them happy with this Info-graphic from the Under Cover Recruiter

How To Sell Yourself In A Job Interview

Do Your Performance Goals Give You the Whole Picture?

How do you approach performance goals for your employees? Are you still using SMART Goals? For years SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely/time-bound) goals have been the gold standard in writing goals for performance reviews Ėbut Iím not so convinced that its still the best model for performance goals across the board. Here are a couple of points that got me thinking:

Felicity Ryan - A Name Canterbury Trusts

For 25 years Felicity Ryan has been in the midst of the recruitment swings and roundabouts in the Christchurch market. She has seen trends come and go and her team at Ryan Recruitment and HR Specialists have built an enviable business Ė one that now stands their clients in good stead.

Job Search - Where to Start

Is your job search off to a slow start or getting stuck? Here are some quick time-saving job search tips that will help your hunt for a new job go smoothly.

12 Surefire Tips To Reduce Employee Turnover

How would you feel about a higher retention rate in your organization? I donít know about you, but I canít think of a single HR exec I know who would turn that down. In fact, employee retention is without a doubt one of the most intense challenges facing most human resources departments.

Ryan Recruitment Team Cook Up A Storm

6 Easy Ways To Make Meetings Fun

How many times have you been in a meeting that you knew right away would be dull and potentially pointless? The ineffectiveness of so many meetings can be remedied simply by revamping the first and last five minutes.

Ryan Office Shout Competition

Winners of the Ryan Office Shout Competition are ...

Office Posture

Learn some simple ways to stay healthy during your daily office life in this video!

Interviews - Be Prepared For The Questions You May Get Asked

You will have prepared the questions you are going to ask your interviewees but have you thought about the questions they may ask you?

10 Must Ask Interview Questions

A selection of the most common questions Employees will ask potential candidates.

Time to take responsibility for your own engagement at work

Employee engagement has long been a buzzword in HR circles. At a theoretical level, many organisations now seem to understand the importance of having an engaged workforce.

Don't Shoot The Manager! How To Deliver Bad News

If you ask any ten leaders whatís the hardest part of their job, Iíll bet that 9 of them will say some version of ďgiving bad news.Ē

From firing people to having serious performance conversations, from letting employees know the companyís not doing well to explaining a screw-up to the press, these are the times that try menís (and womenís) souls, situations that make most leaders want to go home and pull the covers up over their heads

A Better Way to Discover Your Strengths

If you want to excel at anything, itís not enough to fix your weaknesses. You also need to leverage your strengths. When Albert Einstein failed a French exam, if he had concentrated only on his language skills, he might never have transformed physics. When J.K. Rowling realized that she was highly disorganized, if she had focused solely on becoming more orderly, she might never have honed her storytelling skills to write Harry Potter. And had Dennis Rodman worked exclusively on overcoming his weakness in shooting free throws, he might have never become a seven-time NBA rebounding champion.

How to Prep Your Family Business for the Next Generation

Baby boomers are reaching retirement age at a rate of 10,000 per day, according to the Pew Research Center. Thatís prompting scores of family businesses to be passed down to Gen Xers and millennials. Of course, such transitions are seldom easy, and they can be made more difficult due to generational disconnects.

Can Smiling Really Help You Land a Job?

You say that smiling during a phone interview can help a job seeker land an in-person interview. Why is that?

5 Unique Ways To Invest In Your Employees

Typical employee benefits no longer differentiate a company as much as they used to. Companies are realizing they must offer unique advantages that other businesses donít to keep top talent. Investing in your employees is not a new strategy, but there are different ways of creating loyalty among your top performers.

Is Your Office Good for Your Health?

Have you ever been a victim of work-related stress? Is your office good for your health? This infographic by CIPHR answers some of those questions.

How to be more productive

Have you noticed that some people just seem to accomplish tons and still appear happy and relaxed? Here are six tips for becoming more productive.

Social Media in the Workplace

Why more companies should encourage their employees to use social media

Performance Appraisals - Make Context Count

Every organization evaluates the performance of its employees in some way, whether that process is formal or informal, or on a regular cycle or an ad-hoc basis. At a small start-up, feedback is likely to be informal and spontaneous, while larger organizations are likely to have structured systems including competency models, specific evaluation criteria, and a technology platform that enables quantitative and qualitative input to be collected, aggregated and stored.

Review Your CV With These 5 Easy Steps

You have a CV Ė well, hopefully you have a CV, and if you havenít got it reviewed yet, why not use the steps below to do an initial review of your CV? These are the first steps to creating a professionally-looking CV.

Getting the right people on the bus and the wrong people off.

Theory explained in this short Video by Jim Collins.

Top 10 Things NOT to Include on Your CV

There can be no denying the fact that we live in an increasingly tough world nowadays. Increasing populations across the world and rising rates of unemployment mean that more and more people are applying for the same types of jobs you are interested in. This means it is truly imperative for you to take the matter of your CV as seriously as possible. There are certain things that should not show up on a CV in order for it to be an effective reference piece, as opposed to a document that has the employer run in the other direction from you. The following are 10 things you should never include on your CV:

Five New Management Metrics You Need To Know

Most meetings suck. And theyíre expensive: a one-hour meeting of six software engineers costs $1,000 at least. People who donít have the authority to buy paperclips are allowed to call meetings every day that cost far more than that. Nobody tracks whether meetings are useful, or how they could get better. And all you have to do is ask.

5 HR Considerations for Hiring Remote Workers

Having a remote workforce can be a huge benefit to organizations, reducing office space expenses and environmental footprints. Companies can reap the benefits of talented individuals all over the globe who are able to do work that excites and engages them and do it in a place they want to live.

How to Measure Passion in an Interview...

You want candidates who are passionate about what they do for a living, don't you?

Of course you do. But passion for a profession is tough to get a grip on. Find out whether the people you are interviewing have passion for what they do (or are simply paying the bills) through some of the following interview strategies:

How to Answer the Top 35 Interview Questions

This infographic (from Sample Questionaire) lists the top 35 most asked interview questions, and how to answer them! How many of these have you been asked? Let us know in the comments below!

How to perfect the art of a good Cover Letter

The impact of a cover letter in our life is becoming overwhelming for job seekers.

14 Things You Should Do at the Start of Every Work Day

The first few hours of the work day can have a significant effect on your level of productivity over the following eightóso it is important you have a morning routine that sets you up for success.

6 Tips to Help You Negotiate Your Salary

Want to get an edge on negotiating a raise at work?

Ryan supports Nurse Maude

Ryan is a proud sponsor of Nurse Maude who provide nursing, homecare, and support so people can stay in their own homes and communities and inpatient care in its hospital and hospice.

Online Interviews

So you have been invited to do an online interview, good for you! But what does this mean?

The skill you need for success in 2013

View video presented by Jason Yuill Proctor, HR Specialist on staff retention and other key tips for success in 2013.

Ryan Referral Program

If you recommend a friend or colleague to us and they go onto secure a permanent or temporary position through Ryan you will receive a $50 Prezzy Card. For every third referral you will receive a $100 Prezzy Card.

Neuroscience principles

Apply neuroscience principles to foster peak performance. Understanding just a few key principles of neuroscience can help managers motivate their teams to better performance, says EnHansen Performance senior coach and facilitator, Kristen Hansen.

Join the Rebuild in Christchuch, New Zealand

Looking for a work life balance that you thought you could only dream of? Then REGISTER with RYAN today and join the team of professionals from around the globe that are CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND bound. As a result of the 2011 earthquake, we now have a whole city to rebuild and with that an abundance of career opportunities. Visit www.workinchristchurch.co.nz

Dream Employers

Pay, benefits and conditions have taken over as the top motivation for picking a dream employer this year, a recent survey attracting 7,100 responses in Australia and New Zealand suggests

Ready for the five-generation workplace?

All the talk and space given to Gen Y was just the opening act for whatís to come within the next ten years, when we will begin to see five generations working side by side for the first time ever.